What I can do

+ Brand development & rebranding
+ Logo & identity system
+ Brand style guide
+ Collateral, print & packaging
+ Illustrations
+ Motion design
+ Website design
+ Iconography

What I love to do

+ Running
+ Video games
+ Explosive Highfives

Hi, I'm Jim. I enjoy helping people speak about their brands using the language of design.

my mission

I thrive on bringing big ideas to life through visual communication. Whether it's designing logos, icons, wordmarks, or creating digital and motion graphics, I find joy in helping others share their vision with the world. My mission is to deliver exceptional design solutions that encompass all of these elements.

my super power

My superpower is "Super Listening." While I have the skills to create visually pleasing designs, my true strength lies in actively listening to clients, understanding their needs, and providing genuine assistance. By combining my design expertise with a deep understanding of my clients' goals, we can collaboratively build something beautiful.

my background

Born and raised in Kolkata, India, I immigrated to Canada in 2003. My career began as an in-house pre-press operator for a small family-owned print shop. Over the past two decades, I've gained valuable experience working as an in-house designer for diverse organizations, including a boutique ad agency, a hair and beauty distribution company, a software-as-a-service company, and numerous startups. Throughout my journey, I've had the privilege of helping numerous people and colleagues with their projects, building a strong portfolio of successful collaborations.

In a nutshell, that's me. If you have a project in mind and believe I would be a good fit, let's have a conversation. I'm here to provide my services and help you achieve your goals.

- Jim

Some nice things people have said about me →

"Thankfully Jim was the most internally motivated contributor I have ever worked with. I could never impose a deadline or force a degree of quality that Jim did not himself over achieve on."

Paul Sial


"Jim is nothing short of a design genius. He knows where to draw inspiration, how to balance competing direction and when to drive projects on his own initiative"

Michael Corcoran

Vena Solutions

"Jim is a proactive and tireless creative talent who I had the pleasure to work with for over 5 years. He brings a quirky sense of humour to the workplace and his ability to output quality work on time and under budget is uncanny."

Tyson Dore

First Lady Products

"You have an impressive sock collection!"

Jim Yeh

As himself