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about the client is a leader in the field of relationship intelligence. They provide a powerful platform for optimizing professional networks, driving business growth through data-driven insights and fostering meaningful connections.

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THE brief

As Affinity experienced growth, it became evident that the existing website platform was not meeting the organization's needs effectively. In light of plans to de-platform HubSpot, a brand refresh was deemed necessary to align the website with Affinity's evolving requirements.

the result

We opted for Webflow as our platform due to its agility in building and making rapid changes. As part of the revamp, we retooled the colors and UI components to adhere to accessibility standards, ensuring an inclusive user experience. The introduction of a new color scheme and the thoughtful use of imagery enhanced the brand's human touch, fostering a deeper connection with our audience.

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The Challenge

The previous refresh of's website in 2021 initially brought a refreshing change with its incorporation of white spaces and subtle blue accents. However, as the website expanded over time, the design began to work against its intended purpose. The base UI components became incompatible with the increasing volume of new content on the website.

The Result

The new site seamlessly integrates functionality and aesthetics, incorporating a strong foundational design layout that respects gridlines. In a departure from traditional product screenshots, the imagery prominently features people connecting, emphasizing the human element of relationships. This approach adds a visually engaging and relatable aspect to the site's design.

The Blog section

The blog section has been enhanced with the addition of a filter and search bar, enabling users to easily find articles of interest. Departing from traditional stock photos, the blog now features visually captivating images with artistic flair, making them visually appealing and attention-grabbing on social platforms. Furthermore, the blog incorporates a dynamic call-to-action section that adapts to different screen sizes, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience.

The Case Study section

The previous case study layout posed limitations and lacked consistency. To address this, a cleaner and more user-friendly layout was implemented for the new case studies. The client's presence is now emphasized, with a prominent "at a glance" section placed above the fold, providing a quick overview of the case study.

The Design System

In contrast to the previous design system, the new design system incorporates a broader range of colors, which are applied judiciously throughout the interface. Additionally, it features a robust icon set and buttons, providing a comprehensive visual language for consistent and cohesive design elements. This expanded design system enhances the overall aesthetics and functionality of the user interface.

Other assets

The rebranding efforts extended beyond the digital realm to encompass various assets, including videos and print collateral. These assets were aligned with the new brand identity, incorporating the updated visual elements, color palette, and typography. By ensuring consistency across different mediums, the rebranding achieved a unified and cohesive brand presence, strengthening the overall impact and recognition of Affinity's visual identity.