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Toronto Region Board of Trade

about the client

The Toronto Region Board of Trade is one of the largest and most influential chambers of commerce in North America.

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THE brief

TRBOT (Toronto Region Board of Trade) found itself grappling with a perplexing identity crisis as its numerous business units boasted distinct branding. This lack of cohesion among the various units caused considerable damage to the overall brand, impeding its ability to effectively communicate a unified and compelling message to its target audience.

the result

Following an extensive exploration of design pitches and an in-depth analysis of color theory, we ultimately embraced the editorial layout style. This aesthetically clean and professionally crafted design approach serves to elevate and enhance the brand of TRBOT, imparting a sense of sophistication and credibility to its visual representation.

scope of work
identity design system
web design

The old design

Through a comprehensive color audit, we diligently examined all hues employed by the client and conducted an accessibility test. The purpose of this evaluation was to demonstrate the risks associated with an excessive color palette. By presenting the findings to the client, we aimed to raise awareness of the potential challenges posed by a surplus of colors and highlight the importance of maintaining a visually accessible and harmonious design scheme.

Early moodboards

In the initial stages, we developed a series of moodboards to effectively manage the colors and establish a structured framework for each business unit. These moodboards aimed to strike a balance between cohesion and differentiation, ensuring that each unit maintains its unique identity while aligning with the overarching brand. By visualizing and conceptualizing these ideas, we laid the groundwork for a harmonious color scheme that fosters unity and clarity across all business units.

The Editorial

The stakeholders unanimously favored the Editorial design approach, which garnered significant positive feedback upon the launch of the refreshed website. The resounding success of the website overhaul prompted a comprehensive rebranding effort, encompassing a complete revamp of all media assets associated with TRBOT. This decision reflects the collective recognition of the power and effectiveness of the chosen design direction in elevating the brand's visual identity and resonating with the target audience.

The Member Portal

The design challenge of creating the member portal to evoke the atmosphere of an executive lounge was indeed complex, and TRBOT sought to achieve this ambiance successfully. To accomplish this, we opted for a darker color scheme and incorporated rounded corners, creating a visually inviting and cozy environment within the portal. By carefully selecting these design elements, we aimed to enhance the overall user experience, making members feel comfortable and at ease while navigating the portal, akin to the refined and welcoming ambiance of an executive lounge.