brand and digital designer

Vena Solutions

about the client

Vena Solutions is a CPM SaaS company that turns Microsoft Excel into an enterprise-class business solution with a centralized database, workflow and more. Vena is located at the heart of Liberty Village in downtown Toronto.


I was tasked with giving the Vena brand a fresh makeover. which included a tweak in our corporate colours to start, and a website which used a generic wordpress template. I worked closely with their marketing team to create the visual brand guide and tone of voice.

the outcome

The new vena green and white space are used in tandem to positive Vena as a trustful and serious contender in this emerging industry.

scope of work
logo design
identity design system
web design
business cards
the vena v

The “V’ from the Vena logo is often used as asupporting graphic. The Vena “V” is not to be used asour primary logo.

video / motion

Vena in 5 Minutes

The Vena in 5 minutes was Vena's first in-house video production. With limited time and resources, I was forced to come up with a concept that required little time and resources but still carried the Vena brand throughout. The project from start to finish took approximately 2 weeks with help from the content team.


5 Steps to Better, Modern Budgeting E-Book

The Better Budgeting e-book was designed using Vena's new introduced accessible colour palette. The graphics accompanying the chapters were all illustrated from scratch and implemented with finance bar charts, rolling forecast diagrams and graphs.

office branding

Privacy Screens

After moving to the new office, Vena held a competition for naming the new meeting rooms. The winning team came up with idea of naming them after places within Toronto. I helped bring the idea to fruition by combining the visual style seen in our subways and using quotes from names like Tesla, Einstein, Gates and Vinci. Those very names were used in our meeting rooms in the previous office.